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Our Vision

Our founders are avid travellers. And travelling over the years, they frequently came across many small businesses selling indigenous, organic and unadulterated goods. But these gems were tucked away in the mountains. We aim to provide a platform for all these budding entrepreneurs to connect with people throughout the length and breadth of the nation. This helps our eco-conscious buyers get high-quality products at affordable prices. And the  absence of intermediaries increases our sellers’ income. Quality products and solid on-ground impact! This is what we stand for in a nutshell.

From the mountains to your doorstep!

My Pahadi Dukan – Our Story

Hi! We at My Pahadi Dukan are very glad you stopped by here! We are a group of four passionate guys who love to travel. Over the years we have traveled and lived extensively in the Himalayas, all the way from the north to the very east of the country! In our travels, we discovered […] Read More

Meet the team

Himanshu Dua

I am the Head of Operations at MPD. I connect with seller firms and look forward to making meaningful partnerships that will add value to our vision.
What is your favourite memory of the mountains?
My stay at the Singalila National Park! It gave me many beautiful memories and friends. It was only during this stay that I met our co-founder, Anas. On one of our brainstorming strolls, we witnessed thousands of fireflies lighting up the small waterfall at dusk. This moment of awe compounded my love for the mountains.

Shubham Tandon

I am the “Money Guy” at MPD. I oversee all the small and large things pertaining to finance and accounting.
What is your favourite memory of the mountains?
A family trip to Himachal! It was 11 at night, and we were travelling on those rough, dangerous terrains. Our visibility was deterred due to one broken headlight of our car. And 11 yr old me imagined all the worst things I had heard and read in stories. But my mother waived warmth in that scary moment,” Dad can see everything through the dark!”. To believe that your dad’s a superhero, that protection and faith-What more can a child ask for! A personal anecdote, yet my favourite.

Anas Zubair

I am the “Tech Guy” at MPD. I manage the website operations to guarantee a smooth experience for our users.
What is your favourite memory of the mountains?
My first trek to Har ki Doon! Within a few hours, our campsite was 4ft into the snow. We had to pack our bags and turn back. But the resilience, calmness and stoicism each member showed were anew to me. A group of rookies managing resources and treading in tranquility showed the humanness in all of us.

Rohan Sehgal
Marketing & CRM

I consider myself the handyman of MPD. I try to fill in the gaps in terms of the skillset of the team. I handle the Marketing, Customer Experience and Systems building at MPD.
What is your favourite memory of the mountains?

My entire childhood! Growing up in Ladakh, I studied in a primary school in Ladakh. It was a one-room school where kids from standard one to five studied. Playing with a torn football and slender sticks as bats, doing jugaad and recycling broken things. After these experiences, I realised and started understanding the frugality of life in the mountains. I believe that it was this experience that formed the base of what I am today. Understanding a constraint-rich environment and solving problems within it excites me! This is where I thrive!

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