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Quality product/ Munsyari Rajma

Had never tried Munsyari rajma before. Got introduced to it during my Mussoorie holidays. So decided to purchase online after a little research and wasn’t disappointed at all. My Pahadidukan services turned out excellent. Munsyari rajma got cooked pretty fast and was very soft and extremely delicious. Genuine quality product and I plan to continue buying it in future too.

Red Rajma | Trishulii
Manju Panchal
Excellent Quality Red Rajma

Ordered Red Rajma recently. Turned out excellent. Soaked it overnight and later pressure cooked it. After one whistle and five minutes of slow cooking, the rajma was very very soft. Taste wise, it was awesome. Would recommend buying it.


Got Shilajit from MPD and it's unlike any other stuff you get from other vendors. They have made sure the quality is top notch and the packaging was very crisp. Received the delivery 5 days after placing the order. I'm very satisfied with their service and would definitely recommend it.


The shampoo is really good. It’s light and does a great job of cleaning even oiled up hair. Hair feels soft after use.

Not all in large size

But good in quality and taste.

Good quality

I liked to munch it.

Loved it

We all including my family liked it so much.


Rajma is soft in no time. It is excellent quality. If you are consuming rajma from the city grocery shops, you basically don't know what the taste of real rajma is ..Get your hands on this product

Pure Himalayan Shilajit - 20gms | Organic Shilajit | Himalyan Gatherer
Healthy good and stronge results product

Results is very good

superb Taste

good Quality

Mahabaleshwar Strawberries | Certified Organic Strawberries

We loved them!

Taste of freshness

Loved the freshness of strawberries. The branded jams have too much gelatin in them, while this one is just perfect.

Mahabaleshwar Strawberries | Certified Organic Strawberries
Juicy and sweet

The strawberries are fresh, big and super sweet and juicy. The beat I've ever had.


The pine nuts were smaller in size but good in taste. Toast them a bit to enhance their taste. I hope that they make these available on a regular basis. MPD is my go-to site for all the dry fruits 😊

Mahabaleshwar Strawberries | Certified Organic Strawberries
Fresh and juicy

Probably the best strawberries i have had in a while. Price thoda zada hai, but organic hai to thoda mehnga pad hi jata hai. Love the product.

Mahabaleshwar Strawberries | Certified Organic Strawberries
Rohan Sehgal
Strawberry Heaven

I finally found the perfect strawberry for me! I have always imagined strawberries to be sweet and juicy, however I have always found them to be sour or bland and not very sweet when I used to buy from the market.

These strawberries are just the opposite....Sweet, fresh and juicy!!!! I'm hooked for life.

Mahabaleshwar Strawberries | Certified Organic Strawberries
Fresh, Sweet!

The Strawberries are, indeed, excellent. Fresh, juicy , very good quality. Many thanks for them 🙏

Sweetness & Purity

It is impossible to switch back to ur old honey.

Perfect drink for winters

It has been my perfect drink for cold winter evenings. Has helped me in my days when i was suffering from cough and cold as well.

This rose water has a beautiful fragrance.

Pure saffron and exquisite fragrance and freshly harvested.

These apricots are pure,healthy and tasty. Reservoir of antioxidants.


Shilajit is quite effective and full of minerals.

These walnuts are magic

My father and I have been consuming these walnuts and they are undoubtedly the best we had. They have really good oil content and it helped my father with his knees and back ache. I am not sure how it works, but it definitely did.
Looking forward to try other products now.