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The story of Artisanal Alchemy emanated from the desire to simply jam and jar apricots in 2017; to preserve the surprise and familiarity of a tangy-sweet Ladakhi summer on our family’s table round the year; which then transcended to studying global artisan systems and sensibilities and handcrafting simple, delicious and farm-driven organic conserves, compotes and coulis among others, that represented the heritage of each fruit; many picked from century-old apricot trees in our ancestral orchards.

The “Artisanal” in Artisanal Alchemy stands for the limited release, small batch, handcrafted products that are made employing age old traditional methods and recipes without any added preservatives, pectin, fillers or flavour; on woodfire by a single artisan from start to seal. It signifies the natural goodness and wholesomeness that's ingrained in its very being by virtue of the honest ingredients used that are picked, prepared, processed and sealed the same day, to highlight and preserve the flavour of the seasons, so the goodness of Ladakh can be tasted in every bite.

We believe that good, real, organic and honest food with the right intent is ‘Alchemical’. It has the power to heal, to transform, to affect one’s wellbeing and energy; a thought that is reflected in our use of quality ingredients that are conscientiously farmed and responsibly foraged and in our hands-on care and close attention to detail that ensures that every single jar is evaluated to be up to our exacting standards of large-scale quality, love and care.

Moving ahead, our formal incorporation as Ladags Earth Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd. in 2021 is an effort to honour, use and represent the fruits, flowers and foods that the earth of "Ladags" crops; in the most sustainable way. We do this by manufacturing and marketing only artisanal, small batch, limited release gourmet products made from organic, conscientiously farmed and foraged endemic produce that forms the biodiversity of the Trans-Himalayas and endeavour to introduce the subcontinent to the flavours of our home by transcending the norm of packaging-branding-marketing to "creating" and "innovating" recipes that foreground Ladakh’s natural bounty in the most honest way.

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