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Beyond the gardens lies the wild, untamed wilderness, a forest, if you may. As you walk further in with trepidation, you are hit by the unexpectedness of everything you’ve ever imagined. For within this unending thicket of awe are trees, of tea. Yes, trees of tea. Not cowering three foot bushes, but towering thirty feet tall, sturdy giants growing in the wild, proud and native to the region. Now all that is left is for the rare breed of tea pluckers to pray to the deity of the forest, tame these giants with offerings from the lesser mortals and reverently pluck probably the wildest and largest tea leaves in the world. That is the essence of Beyondarie.

So go ahead, find a comfortable corner, and take a sip of Beyondarie, and you’ll know why going beyond the ordinary is a way of life. To bring the wildest teas to you, we wouldn’t have imagined anything less.

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