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Bhutan Herbal Tea is the first and only herbal tea farm in the country established in 2016 by Mr Wangchuk Kuenga and Mr Rinzin Wangchuk. Mr Kuenga has received full-time advanced specialized training in biologically diverse agriculture for three years in Switzerland at Buri Andrea's organic farm and seven years in the United States at the Chef's garden, a premier producer of specialty herbs for the world's top chef's and their restaurants. Mr Rinzin has four years of experience working and managing one of the well-known ‘Juice Generation' juice bars of Mr Eric Helms in New York City.

Bhutan Herbal Tea’s farm established on an area of 10 acres in Krongmanba, Chokhor, Bumthang is located at an altitude of 2750 metres above sea level. Everything grows very slow at this altitude and the herbs are packed with more volatile oil as opposed to growing at a lower altitude, which is directly reflected in the flavour, aroma and nutrient level of teas.

It produces four different kinds of herbal tea, namely, Peppermint tea, Chamomile tea, Lemon Verbena tea, and Sea Buckthorn tea, grown organically in one of the most spiritual and pristine Himalayan atmospheres, far away from any industrial pollution. The herbal teas are produced in an assortment of packages convenient for daily use as well as suitable for souvenirs and gifts. Teas are harvested at the peak of readiness and dried naturally to retain maximum flavour and aroma.

Bhutan Herbal Tea follows integrated soil building practices through the use of cover crop and composting which will protect the soil from erosion, reduce nutrient leaching, help retain and release soil moisture, suppress weeds, and boost organic matter.

Products of Bhutan Herbal Tea were tested in SGS Food Testing Laboratory in Taiwan and EFRAC Lab and did not detect any harmful substance. It is organically certified by Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA). It is also Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified by BAFRA.

Bhutan Herbal Tea was awarded Rural Entrepreneur of the year in 2019 by the Department of Cottage & Small Industries, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Royal Government of Bhutan.

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