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Kotgarh Fruit Bageecha was started in 2014 by Anuradha and Kartik, a couple who had just returned back to India from Singapore and were looking to set down some roots in the ground in rural India. They set their sights on Kotgarh, a village in Himachal Pradesh which is famous for being the first place Red Apples were introduced in India!

Together with the local community of women, operations began with the aim to add value to the agricultural produce of the region which has some of the most delicious fruit available!
They purchase their fruit from marginal farmers and emphasize on building a sense of community with them as it is important to know the source from where the fruit come!

Kotgarh Fruit Bageecha strives to bring to our tables that freshness and the flavors of Himachal that we witness everytime we travel to the mountains!

They have some of the most unique recipes for chutneys and the freshest fruit preserves which are absolutely out of this world!

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