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After going on extensive treks in Ladakh during the summer of 2017, Deskit discovered a fascination for the wild herbs and plants that grew in the region. With time she started learning about the various herbs in the region and started studying them in detail. She took several courses in herbalism and actively began growing these plants herself. She started making use of these plants for self-care and wellbeing. Lots of experimentation and testing with family and friends led her to believe in herself and to start her own brand - Makoii Apothecary!

Deskit grows and forages several herbs like lilac, calendula etc to make her products.
Her passion for growing and studying plants and medicinal herbs in the region led her to create bespoke wellness and skin-care products.

The growing season in Ladakh is very short during the summer months which makes Makoii a unique challenge as well as a necessity to make the harsh winters in Ladakh.

Deskit wants to inspire the world to move towards localization and sustainable production. Small batches and handmade products are the way to go!

Pure. Earth to Body. Flower formulations. Micro-batches. Handmade.

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