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SheEarth is an initiative by Chaand Bagh Orchards Sharontha. The story goes back three generations when the orchard was established in 1929/30 by their great grandfather Late Shri. Bhaag Chand. He imported 30 plants of Starking Delicious also known as Royal Delicious from Stark Brothers Nursery, the USA in 1929 and planted them in the Chambernaal area of Village Sharontha. The orchard is located in Village Sharontha, Rohru which is situated in the upper reaches of the Shiwalik Range in the Himalayas. About 100 km from the state capital Shimla, the orchard’s elevation varies from 6500 to 7200 feet above sea level.

This is their fourth generation in apple farming, and they still have an eye toward sustainability and strong community relations which have been engraved into their family ethos since time immemorial.

Ankit Chauhan, who along with her sister Archana runs this initiative says, “Born in the Himalayas, we were privileged to live in the company of blue skies, clear drinkable water, green forests and clean pollution-free air. We knew of life being lived no other way. As years passed and we became adults, we moved to big cities for education, jobs, etc. but eventually, we came back home. In this time, we have seen the impact of humans on the world around us and beyond. We are land dwellers at heart and have deep within us a sense of belonging and duty towards our earth.

Nature is in danger from all of us, be it deforestation, unplanned development, intensive farming, plastic pollution, or excessive use of chemical fertilizers. The list is frankly very long. One fine afternoon, I decided to stop cursing the darkness & light the candle and Sheearth was born. This is a small initiative by us to provide you with locally produced, sustainable, healthy, chemical-free, non-GMO produce at your doorsteps.

 You know how they say: We are the ones we have been waiting for and more so, we are the change that we seek”.

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