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Quality dry fruits, spices & more

Spice mixes, pickles, honey & more

Pure mongra saffron

Pure honey & apple cider

Perhaps the tastiest honey you'll ever have.

Premium Kesar, Honey and limited edition Rajma

Premium Lavender flowers to brew into a refreshing tea

Pure Shilajit

Buckwheat, Nettle & Barley Teas

Dried apricots directly from the farmer cooperative

Apricot conserve from Ladakh. Less sugary and much fruitier than your average jam.

Delicious soups made from organic ingredients grown in the Siachen region of Ladakh.

Farm fresh jams, preserves, pickles & more

White honey, ghee, unique chutneys & more

Traditional Chamba Chukh & Sauces

Sustainable Fashion with Tibetan elements from Dharamshala

Vegan muesli, chocolate spread, handicrafts & more

Kinnauri rajma, buckwheat flour, Almonds (kagazi) & more

Pure honey from Himachal in beautiful packaging

Ready to eat healthy, nutritious, & traditional Tibetan foods from the heart of Himachal

Seabuckthorn (rare) products ranging from pulp, tea infusions & more.

Farm produce ranging from Hazelnuts, ghee, & more.

Preserves, marmalade, chutnies & more

Dried herbs, honey & more

Traditional recipes in ready to cook premixes

Honey, Harsil rajma, Pulses and Grains

Pure & flavored honey

Pure A2 ghee, refreshing beverages & more

Himalayan grains, cereal & Herbal teas

Grains, spices, flours brought to you in partnership with the farmers of Uttarakhand

Pure, Raw, Local, Honey Made in small batches

Hot chocolates mixes, turmeric lattes and more

Hemp protein, apricot oil and more

All-natural self-care products from the pristine hills of Uttarakhand.

Ever tried coolers? Try fruit coolers ranging from Malta, Lemon, & more. Jams, Sauces, Tea!

Scrumptious honey from Devbhumi!

Wellness packed in teas & lattes.

Skin-care & hare-care products in 99% plastic-free packaging!

Handmade luxury soaps, perfumes & cosmetics

Spices and syrups made with traditional methods

Handmade skin care products with no harmful chemicals

Top quality spices & beautiful silk stoles

Homestyle pickles from the hills of Assam

Handmade pickles, spices and jams

Lakadong Turmeric, Sticky Rice and other Spices

Honey, chutney, & more

Unique flavors and hot sauces (shrimp sauce too). If you like chilies and Umami, this is the place to go!

Wild teas from the forests of Manipur

Roselle tea made by tribal women of Manipur

Skin care, hair care & more

From the only Carbon Negative country in the world. Enjoy a wide range of products from an all organic country!