Farm–fresh Apples from the Mountains

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Farm-fresh apples from the moutains

Shimla apples are the best variety of apple available in India with their shiny outer surface, tangy, juicy flavor and nutritionally dense profile. Our apples are dispatched within 48 hours of harvest, so everyone can have the taste of juicy farm fresh apples no matter where they are located. 
From the heart of the apple state of India, My Pahadi Dukan brings to your doorstep fresher than your local market, chemical free, crunchy apples that are sure to ward off your diseases and make you healthier! Benefits of apples have been touted for generations. 
We are aware of the phrase: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” and what is even better is that these low calorie, vitamin dense fruits aid weight loss, smooth skin texture and improve digestion. 
Apples are infamous for being treated chemically and smothered with wax for longer shelf life. This malpractice might prove harmful for human health and have negative repercussions in the name of good health. Shimla apples online at My Pahadi Dukan are here to rid you of your concerns. 

Some of the nice things our customers are saying

"Superb, mind blowing, excellent 👌🏾, Awesome! It’s sooooo…..fresh and 😋 yummy..."

Gaurav Jain

Loved the apples

"The apples are really very fresh and crunchy. Loved them."

Lalit Singh Chauhan

Excellent Product

"Sir, no doubt about the quantity and quality of the product sent. Freshly plucked from the garden, very juicy and handled by less hands. Will keep in mind for future requirements."

B B Rishi

No change

"Did not want to take allopathic supplements to boost my energy and stamina. Had been struggling with fatigue for sometime. This shilajit absolutely wonderful. I do feel a perceptible improvement in my energy levels after having consumed it daily for a month"


"Five star top notch pure shilajit It's the best shiljait available in the market . Passes the fire and the water test . Makes one feel much active and fresh . It also increases your focus and mental alertness . It was an amazing experience ordering from this website . Himanshu was very instrmental in this decision. Cheers to the team at their end . Very happy."


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