100% Arabica Kanchenjunga Peaberry Coffee 250gms


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Grown at 4000-5000ft.

Normally the fruit of the coffee plant contains two seeds that are compressed together within the husk, flat sides facing inwards. These are what is removed, processed and roasted to become the coffee beans that we all enjoy.

In only ~ 5% of a harvest, with nature’s many mysteries, one ovule inside a cherry does not pollinate giving extra space for the single developing seed to become a round, nutrient-dense and arguably a higher flavour bean. This is called a pea berry.

Type of Roast:


Origin – Sikkim, Kalimpong, Darjeeling

Tasting notes – Dark Chocolate, Cocoa, Cooked Fruit

Acidity Level – Low

Great for – French Press, Espresso

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