Artisanal Alchemy | Apricot Conserve 360gms


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Artisanal Alchemy’s Gourmet Apricot Conserve is handmade with love, quality and care; from conscientiously farmed, high altitude, fresh organic apricots using time tested food preservation practices.

We call it “conserve” and not “jam” as our conserves have 25% – 40% less added sugar (depending on the variety of apricots in each batch) than “Jams”, resulting in a soft spread with whole halves of apricots preserved in a luscious spread.

Our unique recipe minimizes on cooking time and maximizes on the nutrients retained which ensures that our conserves have higher Vitamin A (78.93 mcg) and Vitamin C (36.78 mg) content per 100 gms than any other apricot conserve available in India.

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Apricot conserve from ladakh
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