Ayantara | Himalayan Chichri Honey 250gms (Limited Produce)


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Ayantara Himalayan Chichri honey is collected at an altitude of 16000 feet from a flower known as ‘Chichri’ in local language. Rich in medicinal properties, Chichri produces very less nectar and requires extremely rare time & weather conditions to be harvested making it a limited offering.

Ayantara Honey is harvested straight from the honeycomb. The beekeeper will usually just filter the raw honey using a traditional linen cloth to remove small bits of debris, including pollen, beeswax, and parts of dead bees. We do not process and pasteurize the honey.

Note – Crystallization of honey is a natural process and not a sign of adulteration or spoilage. Due to its physical properties, honey initially tends towards natural crystallization, as it is a supersaturated sugar solution. Crystallization is the authenticity of raw and unprocessed honey.

Health Benefits – 

  • Immunity booster
  • Rich in Anti-Oxidants
  • Aids Digestion
  • Enhances liver health 
  • Heals skin disorders

Ayantara honey has no added sugars or syrups. We do not add any additives as natural honey doesn’t require any additives to increase its shelf life. We don’t infuse any flavours to our honey.

100% Raw | No added sugar | Non – pasteurized | Non – processed | Small batch | Limited Produce

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