Beyondarie | Ghost Chilli Herbal Latte – 100g


Ghost Chilli Herbal Latte with Lakadong Turmeric, Black Pepper and Black Cardamom.

Find your peace in the pandemonium with this untamed herbal latte. We know you’re
expecting havoc, but don’t give up just yet! The mild-mannered chilli does more than just
create a storm of buttered flames. It adds warmth, and all sorts of chunks you want while
adding flavor and texture to your drink. The Golden Turmeric coats it all with a peppery kick
that leaves your taste buds tingling in delight. Don’t let things die down too soon; it’s not over
yet! The ginger gives it an invigorating edge as it joins forces with the chilli for a well-rounded
flavor sensation which will leave you feeling fiery (and excited). Then come the Black
Cardamom pods, bringing their signature sweet and lush aroma that stays between your
palate after each sip. They will bring forth a sweetness that was unimaginable at first, giving
rise to a final sense of calm that makes you glad to have been able to relax for a while. Let
them heal you from within.

Wild teas from manipur forest
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