Beyondarie | Lakadong Turmeric Herbal Latte – 100g


Lakadong Turmeric Herbal Latte with Black Pepper.

Here is an untamed herbal latte that is your armor against all odds. The turmeric from Lakadong has three times the good stuff. That is, three times the curcumin content than any other in the world. When combined with black pepper’s superpower, the benefits increase 20 times over. Now, if this formidable concoction can’t keep you immune, nothing else can. So, grab a cup of steaming milk and watch it turn yellow from all the golden goodness dissolving into your latté, sit back and be enveloped by herbs’ earthy aroma wafting through your home. And then – feel the tight hug of immunity guarding you against all that you’ve ever feared!

Wild teas from manipur forest
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