Beyondarie | Sweet Ghost Chilli Herbal Tea – 100g


Sweet Ghost Chilli Herbal Tea with Karbi Ginger, Black Cardamom and Stevia.

This is for the moment when you just need to let go. As a chillaxing elixir infusion, this concoction inspires our imagination as we choose from different ingredients to create something decadent with a kick. Think of the Ghost Chilli – although frightening on paper, its intense flavor profile when incorporated into this blend is utterly divine. The warming hum at the back of your throat is just what you need as you escape your daydreams for a few moments to refresh your body and mind with this tea. When combined with Karbi Ginger, this blend is a practice in a much-needed perspective. You will find that the earthy Black Cardamom and a sweet touch of Stevia are excellent companions in helping you find peace of mind… So go ahead, take a sip, and detox the drama out of your life!

Wild teas from manipur forest
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