Beyondarie | Wild Black Tea with Wild Galangal – 100g


It is love at first sight. The leaves catch the feels for the sweet, rooted young soul, for it is true, that opposites attract. So when the long leaves of the tall tea trees look the grounded Galangal in the eye, destiny is written.

The story of this tea begins in the deep, dark forests of Manipur which is home to large black tea leaves. From birth, these tea plants are immersed in fresh air and sunlight; here they thrive for 2-3 years without harsh chemicals or pesticides and once they reach maturity the leaves are handpicked before being dried in the natural sun. And finally 100% natural Galangal is ground into powder – no unnecessary additives or flavors are added into our tea blend! We are sure you will enjoy this exotic black tea brew with woody forest notes and be filled with a sense of calm before you even utter “Oo-La-La!”

Wild teas from manipur forest
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