Beyondarie | Wild Litsea Herbal Tea – 100g


Wild Litsea Herbal Tea with Ghost Chilli, Lakadong Turmeric, Black Pepper, Karbi Ginger and Wild Cinnamon.
If you’re looking for a sense of clarity within the chaos, this untamed herbal tea might have some answers. You won’t find them straight away, of course not. All the best answers come from great quests.

The balmy lemon scent of Wild Litsea rushes in and is followed quickly by the Wild Cinnamon that brings along with it a pleasant smell. The journey through a rainforest continues with the formidable-looking, but harmless Ghost Chilli only to find out that its spicy aroma won’t bite your tongue. What could have been a painful experience is washed away at a stream where you will discover three healers: Lakadong Turmeric, Karbi Ginger and Black Pepper bestow a sense of clairvoyance so keen that the mental fatigue from the mundane world disappears. What a load off! You’re now ready to face each new day with renewed vigor, enterprise and ambition. On your way home, you can pick up some nice fresh veggies, which is always a great alternative to greasy takeaways!

Wild teas from manipur forest
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