Beyondarie | Wild Oolong Tea – 100g


Ohhh looongggg! That’s what they say when this tea is released from its bonds under the hot water. These wild, untouched leaves grow big and strong – and we mean big B I G. They’ve grown on the Manipuri mountain slopes for more than a century, quietly crafting some bold flavors. Now, you can enjoy them with a friend – over a cozy conversation as the afternoon slips by. This cup will fill your mind with thoughts of something sweet while it unfolds into something savory on your taste buds. Somewhere between black and green teas, you’ll find a taste that’s familiar yet new and exciting; classic yet unique, comforting yet daring. This tea is replete with floral notes, a woody undertone and a sweet finish that will leave you with a sense of calm, a little tamed but still very wild.

Wild teas from manipur forest
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