Certified Organic Lemon Verbena Tea 20gms (1g x 20 tea bags) | Bhutan Herbal Tea


Lemon verbena contains a strong lemon-scented essential oil that has calming and digestive qualities. The plant has a gentle sedative action and a reputation for soothing abdominal discomfort. It has a mild tonic effect on the nervous system and helps to lift spirits and counter depression. The leaves and the flowering tops are antispasmodic, febrifuge, sedative and stomachic. A tea made from the leaves has a deliciously refreshing lemon flavour and is used mainly in treating digestive disorders such as flatulence, indigestion and acidity.

The product is certified organic by Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority. 

Ingredients – 

Dried Lemon verbena leaves

100% Natural | Sourced from the organic farm of Bhutan | No added chemicals | No preservatives | Certified Organic

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