Pahari Roots | Hand Pound Bird’s Eye Chilli Powder with Flakes 100gms


Note – The price of this product includes shipping charges of Rs. 55.
Pahari Roots Birds Eye Chilli Powder comes to you straight from Ri Bhoi district in the beautiful state of Meghalaya, India where it is cultivated. Our chilli is hand dried & hand pounded, free of chemicals & pesticides, thereby retaining all the nutrients.
It is the perfect spice blend to use when you need your food to pack a punch! It’s ideal for any dish that demands an extra dose of flavour. This spectacular spice is said to have medicinal properties which will help reduce cholesterol levels, blood pressure, promote weight loss and enhance metabolism while boosting the immune system.

*Our product comes in powder form with some flakes as it is hand pound and not processed
by machines.

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fresh local produce pahari roots
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