Trishulii | Black Soyabean (Kala Bhatt)

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500gms Includes Rs. 60 in shipping charges.
1kg Includes Rs. 100 in shipping charges.
Black soyabean is a hearty legume that is widely cultivated in the rainfed regions of Uttarakhand. Black soyabean is rich in protein and iron and is primarily eaten as dal or stuffed chapattis. In Uttarakhand, black soyabean is also widely used to make the popular dish called Chainsoo – a local favourite!
Trishulii products are special because they come from a farmer run cooperative that promotes an environmentally friendly approach towards agriculture. All the produce is directly harvested and sold by small individual farmers, who grow their produce in the pristine Himalayan environment and take great pride in adhering to some of the best standards of sustainability and being able to cultivate some of the freshest crops around with no harmful sprays or chemicals at all.

When you shop from communities like Trishulii –

  • You enjoy fresh produce grown with pride and care by workers who appreciate the opportunity to grow food in a sustainable environment without adding any harmful chemicals.
  • Farmers go beyond only farming and help you get the greatest value out of your produce. They sell you directly because they not only harvest and grow it, but also do all of the work in between from sorting, packing, and even marketing your products for you!
  • Your support leads to higher income for farmers and the development of business and entrepreneurship skills in rural communities.
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