Bodylicious | Aloe Vera White Tea Soap – Pack of 2 X 100gms


This aloe vera white tea soap is perfect for those who are willing to go on the off-beaten path a bit and try something new.  Crafted in the pristine environment of Sikkim and containing only the mildest and natural ingredients, this pure soap bar is soothing and altogether divine. It contains no colourants of any kind and is free from sulphates (which is considered harmful to the environment) and parabens. It is gentle enough for all skin types including sensitive or damaged skin. Contains antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamins A and C, which are known for healing burns as well as anti-ageing properties. Gently exfoliate with this soapy delight to reveal a softer complexion, clearer mind, and happier being.

handmade soaps toxin free
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