Bugyaal | Inner Cleanse Tea 50gms


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The Inner Cleanse Tea is a mineral rich tisane meant to detoxify and cleanse gently for everyday use. The botanicals within this tea blend will assist natural detoxification pathways to remove any built-up impurities from our everyday living, leaving you with a renewed energy and clear mind. 

Stinging Nettle or ‘Shishoon’ in Kumaouni grows wild all over the lower Himalayan foothills. Traditionally it is used as food or medicine in Uttarakhand. To bring to you this herbal goodness, we created this master blend, so that you can enjoy its medicinal benefits. Rich in Iron, calcium, magnesium, folic acid and Vitamin C, this wild herb comes with numerous health benefits.

Handmade by local women | Ethically sourced ingredients | Pesticide – free | No added Sugar | No harmful chemicals | Caffeine – free

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