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SHILAJIT has a long history with its origins being the subject of many myths and legends. One popular tale says it is a composition of organic substances from millions of years ago. Another tale is that SHILAJIT comes from an animal called Zabra or Ladakhi Pika that lives in high altitude mountains of Changthang and eats medicinal plants and herbs that have existed out there for thousands of years! Although there are many conflicting beliefs regarding its origins, Shilajit is one of the rarest Himalayan products and contains 84 different minerals!Shilajit is mainly found in the Himalayan region of Gilgit, Baltistan, Nepal, Kashmir and Ladakh. In Ladakh, Rong Changthang is the only place where you will find this raw Shilajit. Over several years, our ancestors in this region have collected Shilajit in the treacherous terrain. They have passed down their knowledge of the best methods to collect raw Shilajit and how to refine it into an effective supplement. Our know-how of collecting, refining and using raw Shilajit is unique to our community. We don’t want it to disappear with the next generations that come after us, so, we at My Pahadi Dukan are trying to enable the preservation of this knowledge by making sure future generations will continue to know how to collect, refine and use raw Shilajit.

Benefits –
• Helps in improving fertility in men
• Helps in improving immunity
• Helps in boosting the stamina and energy levels
• Improves bone health
• It is a natural detoxifier and healer

1000+ units sold.

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