Elephant Country | Outenga (Elephant apple) Powder 100g


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Outenga (Elephant apple) used in the Outenga Powder is sourced from community farmers in Majuli, the largest river island in the Brahmaputra River, Assam in the Eastern Himalayas. Outenga is known to be a favourite food for the Elephants in the Eastern Himalayan Region. It can be found abundantly in this region, with many ethnic communities growing it on their land. Growing Outenga also gives these indigenous farmers a sustainable way to prevent any crop destruction from these mighty beings! In addition to being a favourite food for the Elephants, Outenga has been proven to contain many vitamins and antioxidants which help maintain high energy levels within humans.
This product is very important to the livelihoods of several indigenous communities in the Himalayas who have learned how to live alongside these magnificent animals without harming one another.

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