Forgotten Flavours | Mungodi, Pue and Raita Seasoning


Mungodi: A traditional comforting dish, Mungodi is made after crushing pre-soaked dal, shaping them into small pieces and then drying them for days. The word Mungodi is derived from Mung Daal (Split & Skinned Green gram). It is high in protein, carbohydrates and fiber.

Pue: Pue are sweet, nuggety delights that are distinct to Uttarakhand. They are made with the base of semolina (Soojee) and are enjoyed on special occasions.

Pahaadi Raita Seasoning: The raita, or curd mix, is a staple in most Uttarakhand households. Pahadi Raita has a distinct flavour and colour, due to the addition of mustard to local spices.

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