Himalayan Origins | Dew Drops Face Serum 30ml


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The Himalayan Dew Drops have the power of skin healing sandalwood and skin brightening Licorice, which make this serum beneficial in reducing pigmentation, acne scars and giving the skin an even, clear tone. Promotes glowing skin by penetrating deep into the skin layers and nourishing from within.

  • Sandalwood plays a powerful role in reversing sun damage, clearing the skin and fighting acne. This potent ingredient softens the skin and helps remove dead skin to reveal soft glowing skin.
  • Licorice is packed with natural antioxidants in the form of glycyrrhizin. This magic herb from India packs a punch with multiple skin benefits including removal of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.
  • Rose in the Indian skincare regime needs no introduction. Anti-ageing properties of this powerful ingredient help slow visible signs of aging and repairing acne prone skin.
  • Neem is a wonder herb in our ayurvedic ritual and is an anti-bacterial, capable of keeping your skin healthy and free of acne.
  • Babchi Oil is a powerhouse of skin food that visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles while keeping your skin free of acne.

Skin type – 

Suitable for normal, dry and acne prone skin.

*Always apply on a small patch of your skin before usage to check for any allergens. In case of pregnant women please check the ingredients with your gynaecologist first before applying.

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