Himalayan Origins | Mango Butter and Argan Oil Conditioner Bar 60gms


Note – The price of this product includes shipping charges of Rs 65. 

Mango butter and Argan oil conditioner bar nourishes your hair deeply to reveal shiny and smooth hair that you would love to run your hands through. This bar will help reverse the damage caused by years of chemical treatments and environmental stress that the hair has been exposed to.

  • Mango Butter is superfood for hair as it locks in moisture and hydrates the scalp while reducing hair breakage and dandruff.
  • Argan oil has naturally occurring fatty acids and Vitamin E which help aid hair growth and seal in moisture to the hair while making it soft and shiny.
  • Silk extract helps moisturize and condition your hair while nourishing it deeply.
  • Orange oil helps fight dandruff and has anti-bacterial qualities that help maintain healthy scalp health while nourishing the hair.

Hair Type – 

Suitable for all hair types.

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