Himalayan People | Himachilli Chukh – Red Hot Smokey Citrus Chilli 200gms


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Made from sun-dried red Chitrali chillies and Gulgul citrus, this hot, citrusy chilli has a smokiness to it that adds an exotic twist to snacks – ensuring that your taste buds perk right up in no time!
• Use for cooking, as a garnish or as a dip. HOT & CITRUSY!!
• Baste Chicken, Fish of Meats in Himachilli Chukh and oven grill.
• Use as a dip for tempuras, samosas, crackers or tortillas.
• Use sparingly as a spread in sandwiches to make hot and spicy.
• Mix with Pasta sauce to add ZING!!
• Add in Stir Fry or Noodles
• Use in cooking as a flavoured chilli paste and many more recipes.

Please check for your allergies or food restrictions.
Warning: Very hot. Use Sparingly.

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