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Valentine’s Day is almost here! No doubt you’ve seen various advertising geared towards “gifts for your significant other” and “how to look snazzy this V-day.” The ads only seem to make our bleak Valentine’s Day blues appear all the more real. That said, we know our single readership isn’t of the mopey sort. You are awesome! And you love to take care of yourself

We, the single af and extremely thoughtful co-founders of MPD have curated a SPECIAL PACKAGE FOR ALL THE SINGLE PEOPLE OUT THERE! It’s all things comforting and warm and delicious. It’s an internal hug – a curated package that doesn’t need other half to finish!

Let our combo of artisanal chocolate and hot chocolate keep you company while helping you stay warm, knowing there are plenty of good series to binge watch.

Hot Chocolate: Natural, fragrant and hand-picked Himalayan Turmeric infused delicately with the freshest cacao from the Western Ghats. White Mountain Collectives brings to you their premium, dark and delicious Hot Chocolate without any preservatives or chemicals that will tantalize your taste buds in all the right ways. And we use coconut sugar instead of cane sugar so you can enjoy guilt-free hot chocolate! Enjoy this delicious Hot Chocolate carefully crafted by the women of Kumaon.

Classic Artisanal Milk Chocolate 50gms: For many of us, the classic milk chocolate was an introduction into the world of chocolate – our first step into the world of self–pampering. Something that we grew up eating. Sweet and chocolaty! And true to God, we loved it. So this classic chocolate has been recreated for the present day and made a whole lot better. The cacao beans have been stone ground with milk and sugar in small batches to create a silky smooth bar. One filled with flavour and goodness.

Ingredients –

  • Organic cocoa beans
  • Organic free range Gir cow milk
  • Organic raw cane sugar
  • Organic unrefined cocoa butter

Free of soy, gluten, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and lecithin


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