Julley Ladakh | Premium A-Grade Ladakhi Sun-Dried Apricots from Sham Valley

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When you’re visiting Ladakh, you will always be greeted with a big smile and the expression ‘Julley’, which means ‘Hello’ or ‘Thank You’ in the local language. Ladakh is home to the majestic Himalayan mountains, rugged valleys, turquoise lakes, quaint villages and the warmest people!

And Ladakh is also home to the world’s sweetest apricots!

Apricot trees can be found all over Ladakh, but lower areas of Sham valley, Nubra Valley and Kargil are particularly abundant in the fruit. The terrain is gorgeous, but farmers here have to face multiple challenges of living in a high-altitude remote area with extreme weather conditions.  

These apricots are gown in Sham Valley and brought to you by Julley Ladakh, a 100% farmer-owned cooperative that works towards creating sustainable livelihood options and improving market access for farmers in Ladakh. 

This pack contains 100% pure and premium-grade sun-dried apricots, with no additives or preservatives. The apricots are nutrient–dense and packed with Vitamins and minerals, like Iron, Calcium and Vitamin C.

When you shop from communities like Julley Ladakh-

  • You consume food that is naturally grown, without any chemical inputs, and completely traceable to the source.
  • Farmers go beyond only selling to traders, and participate in the entire value chain of harvesting, sorting, packing, and finally marketing and selling their produce directly to you.
  • This directly leads to higher income for farmers and the development of business & entrepreneurship skills in rural communities.

We hope you enjoy the world’s sweetest apricots as much as we do! 


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