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Indian Bay Leaf or Tejpat/Tejpatta is popularly used for adding flavour & aroma for ages in Indian households. However, it is more than just an aromatic spice. It is rich in nutrients & offers multiple health benefits. Kalya brings you the goodness of 100% organic Indian bay leaves which are chemical-free and preservative-free, and that too without any artificial colours or fragrances added. The leaves are shade-dried by our farmer partners, ensuring you’re getting the best quality products with no worries about their source or composition.

• Natural source of iron, calcium, dietary fibre, zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin C etc.
• Known to help fight colic, diarrhoea, heartburn, flatulence & promote digestion.
• Known to help manage diabetes.
• Known to be helpful against kidney stones.
• Known to keep skin and hair.

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