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What’s better than one pretty flower with amazing fragrance, great flavour and potency in providing health benefits? Two flowers – Rose and Chamomile! While many believe these are just ordinary flowers, chamomile and rose are some of the most potent natural remedies to exist. They not only taste best as a brew but come with several health benefits when consumed wisely. Sun-dried to preserve all their potency, Kalya’s Organic Rose and Chamomile dried flowers are preservative-free, 100% organic, have no added artificial colour or fragrance, are hand-picked at their peak of freshness and sun-dried for maximum quality retention, because to us the natural goodness is best served unadulterated.

Benefits –
• Rich in antioxidants that are known to prevent cell damage.
• Known to help refresh & de-stress.
• Holds significance in helping against digestive disorders.
• Known to help relieve menstrual pain.
• Known to aid weight loss.

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