Sagg Eco Village | Kashmiri Wuer (Spice Mix) 200gms


Bringing together friends and families, particularly women, the diligent preparations of Wuer is not merely a task. It is rooted in the cultural ethos of Kashmir symbolizing age-old wisdom, care and love. After proper preparation, this classic blend of many herbs and spices acquires a wonderful fragrance and the taste lights up your senses like no other concoction. This ethnic blend of herbs and spices has been helping Kashmiris since time immemorial to keep up their spirit throughout harsh winters. Wuer also proves to be an incredibly handy ready-to-go spice mix for preparing special dishes!

Suggested use
Wuer, a spice mix, can be used during cooking. It is also used as a chutney and or an
accompaniment with a meal. You can also slightly fry it before enjoying it as a chutney!

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