Maati | Sumac Berry Powder 100gms


Note – The price of this product includes shipping charges of Rs 60. 

Sumac Berry Powder has a sour and lemony flavour. It can be added to vegetables, grilled Lamb, Chicken, yoghurt, and season on sweet potato, fries, salads, chips, or fish to enrich the taste buds. Easy Life Mace has a sweet and spicy taste that gives a strong aromatic flavour to items like biryani, curry, kebab, and soups. It also helps in digestion, anxiety, depression, blood circulation and pain relief. 

When you shop from communities like Maati – 

  • You enjoy fresh produce grown with pride and care by farmers who appreciate the opportunity to grow food in a sustainable environment without adding any harmful chemicals.
  • Your support leads to higher income for farmers and tribals and enables the development of business and entrepreneurship skills in rural communities.
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