Makaibari | Signature Chestlet Darjeeling Organic Black Tea 50gms


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A connoisseur’s choice! Best of Makaibari black tea presented with a high note of fruity flavours and delightful mouth feel.

About Makaibari Tea – Legacy in a Tea Cup

“ If Darjeeling tea is the champagne of teas, Makaibari is the Krug or Henri Giraud.”

– Times Magazine, April 2018

The British brought tea to India over 150 years ago, and Makaibari, meaning ‘cornfield’ in Nepali, was one of the very first gardens. It is the only tea estate in Darjeeling “to never have been owned by the components of the Raj”; it almost entirely had only Indian owners—the four generations of Banerjees.

Makaibari was the first garden to be certified for trade in the world. It was one of the first few to be awarded Fair Trade certifications. In 1988 it was the first garden to be awarded/ certified as the fully organic tea garden.

Why Makaibari?

With the belief that “Healthy soil is healthy mankind”, the pioneer of organic biodynamic agriculture, Rajah Banerjee put things in motion over 40 years ago. While retaining over 70% of the virgin forest area with hundreds of indigenous birds, animals, and insects that are found nowhere else on the planet, Makaibari, through its farming practices has created a healthier ecosystem, as opposed to a monocultural farm that grows only one crop. This then results in the most flavourful and exquisite teas that are loved by royal families around the world. This line by the legend himself beautifully summarises the need for going organic.

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