Makoii Apothecary | Himalayan Botanicals and Mineral Salts’ Bath Soak 250gms


Soak into this aromatic melange of Himalayan botanicals and ancient mineral salts. This relaxing blend cleanses, purifies and rejuvenates your entire being by drawing out and washing away the unneeded stress in your body and mind and renewing a sense of wholesome wellbeing.

This bottle contains the goodness of wild and cultivated plants that are calming and grounding such as calendula, chamomile, wild rose, Seabuckthorn berries and more!

Created by Makoii Apothecary Ladakh, a slow micro-batch apothecary that formulates and produces handcrafted distillate, skincare formulations, botanical colours, precious oils, fragrances and more from herbs that are personally foraged or grown and harvested seasonally. The aspiration is to introduce an alternative source of wellness that is wholesome and fresh from the farm, straight to your body!

Everything created at Makoii is made with slow traditional methods using 100% pure and fresh ingredients straight from the earth alone, and nothing else!

Makoii bath beauty skin care
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