Makoii Apothecary | Peppermint Hydrosol 50ml


Hydrosols are distilled plant or flower water.  A lot of the face mists/ floral waters in the market are artificial imitations. Pure hydrosols contain all of the plant in its every drop, like a hologram.

At Makoii, I use my traditional copper alembic to create a 100% pure hydrosol of plants and herbs that I grow using the natural spring water or forage from the mountains. It is packed with water-soluble components, essential oil molecules and phytonutrients of the plant.

Use our Hydrosol as a face toner and hydrator to smoothen, hydrate and encourage regeneration of skin on the face and body and use also on linens for aromatherapy.

50ml bottle of pure steam-distilled self-cultivated Peppermint Hydrosol with some naturally- occurring essential oils!

Created by Makoii Apothecary Ladakh, a slow micro-batch apothecary that formulates and produces handcrafted distillate, skincare formulations, botanical colours, precious oils, fragrances and more from herbs that are personally foraged or grown and harvested seasonally. The aspiration is to introduce an alternative source of wellness that is wholesome and fresh from the farm, straight to your body!

Everything created at Makoii is made with slow traditional methods using 100% pure and fresh ingredients straight from the earth alone, and nothing else!

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