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Through this hamper My Pahadi Dukan aims to bring you a taste of various Himalayan communities making these products with love. A collection of pure authentic Himalayan products for you and loved ones to relish for any occasion.

Kalya | Pure Honey 300gms: Enjoy the sweet taste of Kalya’s natural honey that will delight your senses. Our honey comes from the natural beehives trees found in the dense Kumaon forests, which are rich in flora such as Indian Rosewood, Murraya, etc. Our pristine wild honey is rich in antioxidants, minerals and enzymes. This Wild Indian Honey is perfect for those looking to increase their immune system or are needing a sweet source of nutrition for improved digestion.

Himalayan Peace | Gangetic Flows Candle: Ganges, the holiest river of India and a symbol for purity and devotion. With Gangetic Flows Candle, experience the solitude, calm and peace of this holy river right in your home. Lush scent of warm musk with Oak moss takes you to the banks of Ganges. Experience the solitude, calm and peace.

Beyondarie | Wild Green Tea with Hibiscus (Tea Bags): Once you brew a cup of the green and red together with this incredible blend, you’ll be overtaken with a sense of a crimson storm raging within. The distinctive tang and aroma of the Hibiscus will energize you’re being while the Wild Green Tea leaves unfold their antioxidants into your cup.

Mongra | Kashmiri Saffron (Kesar) 1gm: Mungra saffron is harvested in Pampore, Kashmir, India. Kashmir has the most distinct saffron in the world which is much more vibrant than that of South America or Spain for example.

Honey Dipper: A wooden honey dipper to enhance your honey tasting experience.

Surprise goodie: A handmade surprise from Dharamshala made by local women with love 💖.

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