Mustard (Daindoosa) Salt (Pisi/ Pisyu Loon) | Pahari Life


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Flavoured salts (Sil Pisi loon/ noon) from Uttarakhand add an extra dimension to your cooking with their colour and aroma and work equally well sprinkled over finished dishes as a delicious garnish. A clever way to add quick flavour without needing to rely on a store cupboard of different spices. 

Flavoured salt is a tasty and elegant addition to food when sprinkled on salads, soups, rubbed into meat prior to grilling/marinating and used to finish off roasted vegetables. Sprinkle it over pizza, your next fried or boiled egg or breakfast toast! Use it in your dal tadka, use it to liven up raitas, cut fruits, chutneys and lassi or toss it with French fries or marinate paneer or chicken in it – this seasoning allows endless interpretations!

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