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This hamper is ideal for anyone looking for a complete meal with a glycemic index of 100 or below. Glycemic index is the measure of how high the sugar peaks after a meal is consumed. The hamper consists of red rice and harsil Rajma, to help you meet your daily protein requirements. Almonds provide all the essential good fats to the body. Hibiscus tea helps calm the mind and body and helps increase concentration. Lakadong turmeric, a powerful antioxidant, helps increase immunity. This wholesome package provides all the necessary micro and macronutrients required for longevity and wellbeing.

GI or Glycemic Index of a food is the rise in blood sugar that is seen after consuming it. It is an important marker of how our blood sugar will respond to the meal. Having high GI foods for a prolonged period of time can predispose one to Diabetes and all other associated co-morbidities. It is also associated with dependant behaviour patterns wherein after consuming a high GI meal, the urge to consume more and more persists. This is why after having one chocolate, you feel like eating more. This overall creates a negative impact on health as well as eating behaviours which can get difficult to manage. To live longer and better, it is important we consume meals and foods with low GI, like this health package. The meal as a whole will have a GI of below 100 per serve, as compared to traditional Indian diets which have a GI of anywhere between 300-500.


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