Na Kper | Black Pepper (Kali Mirch) 100gms


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Widely referred to as the “King of Spices”, Black Pepper is known to be one of the most popular spices used in food preparation worldwide. This spice holds a reputation in every household due to its ubiquitous use as an ingredient for enhancing the flavor of virtually any dish that comes out of any kitchen. The spice is also deemed miraculous owing to its excellent medicinal values and assisting those who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Na Kper: Homegardens’ Harvest Black pepper is second to none has been nurtured by the local farmers in Jaiñtia Hills who believe in preserving their local traditional farming techniques without using harmful chemicals and pesticides. Our dedicated staff has taken careful measures to ensure that you’re receiving a top-notch harvest from our thriving lush home gardens of Jaiñtia Hills!

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