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Perilla frutescens is a member of the mint family of Lamiaceae. Used traditionally in East Asian countries, Perilla has historically served as both a culinary herb and medicinal herb. Perilla has a characteristic fragrance much like mint and musk, while the seeds are small and spherical in structure. Perilla seeds can be added to a wide variety of meals to enhance their flavour.

A must-have spice in the kitchen of many Meghalayans, perilla seeds are used to add a bit of pizzazz to salads. Perilla seeds processed and packed by Na Kper: Homegardens’ Harvest is grown and handpicked from the Homegardens of Jaiñtia Hills of Meghalaya. Our Perilla Seeds have been meticulously cleaned and sun-dried by the local women who also proudly handle its processing and packaging by hand. Rest assured, our goal when it comes to packaging your seeds is to ensure that only the purest and freshest taste comes through for you to enjoy at home with friends or family!

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