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White sticky rice, also known as ‘glutinous rice’, is a rice variety that has been cultivated in Asia for more than 2,000 years. Though the name might suggest otherwise, white sticky rice is actually gluten-free, and the name only came about because of how glue-like or sticky it can become once prepared. This stickiness is mainly due to very low amylose but a high level of amylopectin, the main compound that contributes to the stickiness of white sticky rice. This rice has been a staple diet in many Asian countries around the world, particularly South Asian Countries.

In North-East India as well, this rice is widely cultivated. Though it’s not consumed as a day to day diet, this rice is generally used to prepare tea time snacks such as rice cakes and for desserts.


Homegardens’ Harvest brings to you the choicest grains of white sticky rice cultivated and harvested with the aid of age-old traditional farming techniques from the ‘Hali’, a local name for Paddy fields amongst the Jaiñtia community of Meghalaya. Our white sticky rice grain has adequately been sundried on drying mats called ‘Chylliah’ made of bamboos and carefully pulverised to retain its nutrients.

Our rice is carefully inspected to ensure that only the highest quality products reach your plates and that is why we never cut corners and take pride in each grain. Each pack you buy goes through a stringent process, almost as if it has been checked by hand multiple times before ending up on your table to ensure that what you will bring home will always be the very, very best!

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