Nima Goos Goos | Buckwheat Tea (The All-round Healthy Tea) 48gms (6g x 8 bags)


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Popularly known as Kuttu, our buckwheat comes from certified organic farms in the mountainous region of Takmachik, Ladakh. This tea is made using buckwheat seeds that are lightly roasted on the wood fire. The resulting brew has a light earthy and nutty aroma that releases into your cup helping you to unwind after a long day. It’s enriched with anti-inflammatory and antioxidants; this tea can be enjoyed either warm or cold before bedtime, so it helps restore your body’s natural defences as you rest. If you have been advised to cut down on caffeine intake in your diet, buckwheat tea is the best alternative, offering all the benefits of green tea sans caffeine.

Heath Benefits – 

  • Helps in managing diabetes (reduces the concentration of glucose in the body)
  • Helps in the immune system (high in various antioxidants and vitamins)
  • Aids in digestion (antioxidants improve digestive functions, eliminate bloating and constipation)
  • Improves heart health (lowers levels of blood pressure and cholesterol count)
  • Prevents kidney problems (antioxidants slow the progression of the condition)
  • Reduces the risk of cancer (help defend against cellular mutation and the spread of cancer)
  • Promotes weight loss (low in calorie, stimulate metabolism, eliminate water weight)

Place of Origin – Ladakh

nima goos goos tea buckwheat from Ladakh
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