Pahaadi Organics | (Pre-orders) Himalayan Persimmons Fruit (Japani)

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Persimmons are a fruit grown in the Himalayan regions of India and are rarely found in other states due to their perishable nature. Locally they are called ‘Japani’ as they originated in Japan. They are a very sweet fruit and have a unique taste and aroma to them. We are providing you with 100%  naturally grown and freshly plucked persimmons after tasting which you wont be able to stop yourself from getting more!

Shipping all over India.

All pre-orders will be closed at 10 AM on 15/10/2021. We will be plucking persimmons on the 14th of October and sending out all orders on the 10th.

In case you receive damaged fruit our Refund Policy is:

1) 2kg pack – Rs. 41 refund for every damaged/spoiled fruit.

2) 5kg pack – Rs. 35 refund for every damaged/spoiled fruit.

3) 10kg pack – Rs. 33 refund for every damaged/spoiled fruit.

Note: You must provide us an evidence (photo or video) of the damaged fruits.

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