Pahadi Amrut | Kisthwar Gucchi Kesar – LIMITED PRODUCE

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Handpicked & Sun-dried at a height of 5372 ft.

Handpicked Grade A1 Saffron strands from the secluded Kishtwar Valley in Jammu and Kashmir. These saffron strands will transport you to an incredible culinary adventure. It is known to enhance the flavor of your teas, pulaavs, biryanis, and paellas, and is known as one of the most luxurious beauty enhancers if taught in your daily skincare regime.

Key Highlights:

100% True to OriginThese Kesar threads are carefully selected & handpicked from the Kishtwar Valley in Jammu & Kashmir. Kishtwar is known for naturally growing Gucchis(bunches) of Kesar threads.

Naturally grown limited produceThese Kesar threads have been carefully handpicked from the valleys, which have abundant fresh mineral sources in the soil and do not need any additional fertilizers for growth. Owing to the harsh weather conditions, the availability of Kishtwar Gucchi Kesar is minimal.

Handpicked Each flower of Kesar is handpicked from the fields, and then the stigma is removed very carefully.

Sundried After stigmas are separated from the flowers, small bunches are tied together and sundried. These batches are known as Gucchis.

Eco-Friendly packaging Once the Gucchis are dried, we hygienically pack them in eco-friendly tin packs.

Specialty: 100% True to Origin | Handpicked | Sundried | Additive-free | Preservative-free

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