Pahadi Amrut | Pahadi Kikar & Ajwain Honey 270gms


Traditionally harvested in Srinagar at a height of 5936ft.

This rare variety of honey was collected by our beekeepers from the bee boxes kept in Kangan, Srinagar. The nectar was collected by the bees kept in the vicinity of wildly growing Robinia pseudoacacia & Trachyspermum ammi – commonly known as Kikar/Acacia & Ajwain in the Himalayas. It is 100% raw, unpasteurized and unprocessed. While harvesting, it is filtered traditionally to remove pollen, beeswax, and honeycombs and then bottled.

Key Highlights:

Wildly Harvested – We ensure that our bee boxes are kept only in the wild zones, which helps us collect the purest form of Honey owing to zero carbon footprints in the flora of the wild zones.

Raw and Unprocessed – We ensure utmost hygiene and cleanliness while collecting the honey. We filter the honey traditionally at the source, which helps us achieve our goal of 100% Raw & Unprocessed Honey.

Contains Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Germ powers – Because raw unprocessed honey is rich in antioxidants, it contains potent anti-bacterial and anti-germ powers.

Specialty: Wild, Raw, and Unprocessed | Premium quality  | 100% authentic | Sustainably sourced | Eco-friendly packaging

OriginDual origin (means the bees collect nectar from two flower types available in their vicinity)

From Kangan, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India.


Nutty, smoky, earthy, fruity

Bringing the best to your kitchen:

Pahadi Amrut endeavors to bring rare finds from the higher altitudes of the Himalayan Range straight to your kitchen. We never compromise on quality and authenticity and promise to deliver what we commit to. Each product has been passionately sourced and carefully researched by the team.

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