Pahadi Amrut | Pampore Kashmiri Kesar

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Handpicked and sundried at the height of 5159ft.

Handpicked Grade A1 Saffron strands from the Pampore Valley in Kashmir. These saffron strands will transport you to an incredible culinary adventure. It is known to enhance the flavor of teas, pulaavs, biryanis, and paellas, and is known as one of the most luxurious beauty enhancers if inculcated in your daily skincare regime.

Key Highlights:

100% True to OriginThis bunch of Kesar threads are carefully selected & handpicked from one of the most beautiful valleys in Jammu & Kashmir, known as Pampore. Pampore has been known for its quality Kesar for ages.

Organically grown These Kesar threads have been carefully hand-picked from the Kesar flowers, which are grown organically in the valley of Pampore.

Handpicked Each flower of Kesar is handpicked from the fields and then the stigma is removed very carefully.

Sun-driedAfter the stigmas are separated from the flowers, they are sun-dried. The stigmas are then separated from the styles and batched. 

Eco-friendly packaging We hygienically pack them in our eco-friendly tin packs.

Specialty: Handpicked | Sundried | Additive-free | Preservative-free


Pampore, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India.


Subtle earthy flavor with sweet and floral undertones

Bringing the best to your kitchenPahadi Amrut endeavors to bring rare finds from the higher altitudes of the Himalayan Range straight to your kitchen. We never compromise on quality and authenticity and promise to deliver what we commit to. Each product has been passionately sourced and carefully researched by the team.

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